A closely contested first round

First round

It's done! 17 teams are qualified for the second round of the Generation €uro competition.

The results from the first round are known: among the 25 registered teams, 17 are qualified for the next round. An astonishing success, which owes to the excellent quiz results as 14 teams have completed a clear round, while three other teams have had 93,3% correct answers or more.

The registered teams belong to the Athénée from Luxembourg, the Lycée Aline Mayrisch from Luxembourg, the Lycée Ermesinde from Mersch, the Lycée technique from Lallange and the Lycée Hubert Clément from Esch as well as the St. George’s Int. School from Hamm, the European School II and, for the first time, the European School I.

Generation €uro

For the second round, the teams will have to draft a Monetary Policy Statement, by completing an economic analysis and a financial and monetary analysis, which they will submit on 2 February 2022, the day before an official monetary policy decision by the Governing Council. Therefore, the participants will be able to compare their proposal to the Council's decision.

Obviously, the teams won't be assessed on the degree of similarity with the Council's decision but rather on their ability to justify their decision at the light of the price stability objective. 

The three best teams will participate to the national finale in March.

Preparation sessions to the second round, in French and English, will be organised during the week of 13 December.